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Yes, please! Now more than ever we can feel what it’s like to be excluded from things we enjoy every day. Unfortunately for many Kiwi kids, missing out on sports and being part of a team will continue.

Sports gear that is donated by courier or at local locker drop off points is first sorted and we only keep kit that’s in good condition. Then once it has been sorted, the sports kit gets thoroughly cleaned before it’s given to KidsCan and ready to go out to schools.

We encourage all sports gear to be donated in a good condition. Once it has been sorted, we make sure the kit is also thoroughly cleaned before it’s sent to KidsCan.

Please only donate sporting gear that’s in a reusable condition, so it can have a new life with a child who needs it.

Sports gear we need includes:

  • Football or rugby boots
  • Sports balls
  • Sports bags
  • Any kit for cricket, softball or football
  • Active wear and general sportswear
  • General fitness equipment

You can donate as much kit as you would like as long as it meets the required quality standards. If you are donating your kit via the virtual locker we do ask that you consolidate all your kit into one shipment.

Playing sports provides kids with benefits both physical and emotional. Sadly 1 in 8 kids feel excluded from sport because they don't have the gear*. The “Donate your kit” campaign taps into our generosity as New Zealanders, by encouraging us all to donate our preloved sports gear we no longer use. Together, our generosity can help more Kiwi kids experience the benefits of sport.

  1. Our brand ambassadors frequently collect the donated gear from your purple locker. We monitor your club’s progress to ensure it’s regularly emptied (this could be weekly or monthly depending on the lockers success)
  2. Once collected, we sort and clean the sports kit ready for distribution
  3. Kit is then made available for order through the KidsCan online portal where low decile schools can request the items they most need.

We want to receive and re-distribute as many donations as possible, the courier pick-up will take as many items as you would like to give.

We are seeking donations of sports gear that's in good reusable condition and free of any rips, stains or holes. All donations will be check and cleaned before being passed onto our charity partner KidsCan.

Virtual locker

If you are in need of preloved kit please contact our charity partner KidsCan here who will be able to assist you.

The courier pick up is free. You will need to package the equipment or gear and print & attach the label

We are open to receiving larger sporting items by pick-up. If you have multiple items or a special donation that you would like to talk to us about, please email

You will be supplied with your pre-paid courier label via email once your request has been lodged. This email should be sent automatically but please refresh your inbox and check your 'junk' mail folder if you don't receive it.

Local purple locker

Lockers are available to order until June 2020 so we’re continuing to add to current locations. If you would like to donate now, we have the option for a courier pick up here.

Community locker

Delivery will be within 7 working days from confirmation online or by email with our ambassadors. If your locker has not arrived after this time or you have any delivery issues, please email

We have a team who are regularly clearing lockers so if you’re locker is full we’ll be at your venue very soon. If your locker is damaged, we’ll replace it on our next visit. If you need more immediate assistance, please send an email to


Our charity partner KidsCan is helping ensure that the donations get into the hands of kids in need. Through their connections with over 800 New Zealand schools they are able to deliver kit where it's needed most at a national scale.

In 2005 when KidsCan started it was providing food and clothing items to 40 low decile schools, today KidsCan is helping 800 schools and 25 Early Childhood Education (ECE) Centres – providing food, raincoats, shoes, socks, health and sanitary items to over 30,000 Kiwi kids every day. For more information visit this page.

We understand that not everyone has kit to give, so if you would like to still help give kids a chance to participate in sport, you can contact KidsCan directly here to donate.

Our sporting partners are helping raise awareness of the 1 in 8 kids who feel excluded from sports because they don't have the gear.