How to donate kit

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What kit can I donate?

We are seeking donations of sports gear that's in good condition, so it can have a new life with a kid who needs it.

Sports gear we need includes:

  • Team sports equipment e.g. bibs, balls, bats
  • General training equipment
  • Kit for cricket, softball, football, rugby, hockey, netball etc
  • Football and rugby boots
  • Sports bags
  • General sportswear in good condition


Yes, please! Now more than ever we can feel what it’s like to be excluded from things we enjoy every day. Unfortunately for many Kiwi kids, missing out on sports and being part of a team will continue.

Sports gear that is donated by courier or at local locker drop off points is first sorted and we only keep kit that’s in good condition. Then once it has been sorted, the sports kit gets thoroughly cleaned before it’s given to KidsCan and ready to go out to schools.

We encourage all sports gear to be donated in a good condition. Once it has been sorted, we make sure the kit is also thoroughly cleaned before it’s sent to KidsCan.