How to donate kit

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What kit can I donate?

We are seeking donations of sports gear that's in good condition, so it can have a new life with a kid who needs it.

Sports gear we need includes:

  • Team sports equipment e.g. bibs, balls, bats
  • General training equipment
  • Kit for cricket, softball, football, rugby, hockey, netball etc
  • Football and rugby boots
  • Sports bags
  • General sportswear in good condition


Please only donate sporting gear that’s in a reusable condition, so it can have a new life with a child who needs it. Sports gear we need includes:

  • football or rugby boots
  • sports balls
  • sports bags
  • any kit for cricket, softball or football
  • active wear and general sportswear
  • general fitness equipment

You can donate as much kit as you would like as long as it meets the required quality standards. If you are donating your kit via the virtual locker we do ask that you consolidate all your kit into one shipment.

The courier pick up is free. You will need to package the equipment or gear and print & attach the label

  1. Once your donation is collected, we sort and clean the sports kit ready for distribution.
  2. Kit is then made available for order through the KidsCan online portal where low decile schools can request the items they most need.

If you are in need of preloved kit please contact our charity partner KidsCan who will be able to assist you.

We understand that not everyone has kit to give, so if you would like to still help give kids a chance to participate in sport, you can contact KidsCan directly here.