Charity Partner KidsCan

Our partnership
with KidsCan

Who is KidsCan?

In 2005 when KidsCan started it was providing food and clothing items to 40 low decile schools.  Today KidsCan is helping 740 schools and 25 Early Childhood Education Centres – providing food, raincoats, shoes, socks, health and sanitary items to over 30,000 Kiwi kids every day. All kids in New Zealand deserve an equal start in life. But when you show up to school cold, wet and hungry, the odds are already against you. Sadly, this is the reality for thousands of children in New Zealand.  It’s no secret that education is a child’s ticket out of poverty. So, it’s KidsCan’s mission to make sure they all get a fair shot.

How KidsCan and Cadbury
are working together

Our charity partner KidsCan is helping ensure that the donations get into the hands of kids in need. Through their connections with over 740 New Zealand schools they are able to deliver kit where it's needed the most. 


If you are in need of preloved kit please contact our charity partner KidsCan who will be able to assist you.

We understand that not everyone has kit to give, so if you would like to still help give kids a chance to participate in sport, you can contact KidsCan directly here.